Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Highlights

As I listen to M & the kids play Guitar Hero in our sun room, I thought I would catch up on my blog.
We had a great Christmas spending time with family. Here are some the highlights & pictures: (Warning- lots of pictures below. Sorry! My camera last year was not working and felt the need to take lots)

*Having my sister and family here for 6 days. (I have not seen them in a year and have not seen my sister's stepson in 2 years)
*Making ornaments with my nephews & kids
*Our annual ornament exchange pizza party
*The kids playing with nerf guns all of over my house. A few nerf bullets stuck to my ceiling. One nerf bullet is heading towards my head in a family picture courtesy of my little nephew:))
*Making lots of apple pie and having everyone devourer it!
*My 6 year old nephew saying, "T, you hit the jackpot!", when T opened a Lego present.
* Playing Wii all day long; every day
* My 7 year old daughter "smoking" everyone at baseball on Wii including her dad, uncle, brother and 12 year cousin. (and all the boys were so mad). You Go Girl!
* Enjoying just appetizers for dinner on X-mas Eve (a family tradition as long as I can remember)
* Playing BINGO- I inherited a really nice bingo set from my old job. I bought 10little prizes and put them in gift bags. We played at my house on x-mas eve with my side of the family and then brought the game to my in-laws on Christmas day. I was fun for everyone; from the youngest to the oldest.
* S receiving a bag of snowman poops from my mother in-law inside one of her gifts. So cute!
*Having a really nice time at my in-laws. Wonderful roast, mashed potatoes, her famous string beans and carrots.
*Realizing that my 12 year old nephew is way taller than me. I noticed this when I need to look up to him when I was talking with him. He wears a size 12 men's shoe already. Can you imagine how tall he will be when he is 18? Scary!

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