Sunday, December 14, 2008

A new invented category of music!

On our way to drop the kids off at my In Laws house on Saturday night (so we can go on a date with our good friends)we were listening to the radio. An oldie, The Tide is High by Blondie came on. My Darling 7 year old Daughter says, "This is Beach House Music". We have never heard of Beach House Music, but we happened to agree that if there was such a thing, this song would fit the Caribbean Beach House category!

Do you agree?


Ky said...

Hmmmm.. well technically I live in a Beach house :-)

Mine doesn't overlook the ocean though but I can ride my bike to it within 5 mins or so.

Anyway, I've heard that song around the local restaurants/bars during the Summer months and consider it to be "beachy" so I think she's dead on.

Ruby Red Slippers said...

I love that song! It IS great beach house music-wish I was at one listening to it, instead of snow!!!