Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Highlights

As I listen to M & the kids play Guitar Hero in our sun room, I thought I would catch up on my blog.
We had a great Christmas spending time with family. Here are some the highlights & pictures: (Warning- lots of pictures below. Sorry! My camera last year was not working and felt the need to take lots)

*Having my sister and family here for 6 days. (I have not seen them in a year and have not seen my sister's stepson in 2 years)
*Making ornaments with my nephews & kids
*Our annual ornament exchange pizza party
*The kids playing with nerf guns all of over my house. A few nerf bullets stuck to my ceiling. One nerf bullet is heading towards my head in a family picture courtesy of my little nephew:))
*Making lots of apple pie and having everyone devourer it!
*My 6 year old nephew saying, "T, you hit the jackpot!", when T opened a Lego present.
* Playing Wii all day long; every day
* My 7 year old daughter "smoking" everyone at baseball on Wii including her dad, uncle, brother and 12 year cousin. (and all the boys were so mad). You Go Girl!
* Enjoying just appetizers for dinner on X-mas Eve (a family tradition as long as I can remember)
* Playing BINGO- I inherited a really nice bingo set from my old job. I bought 10little prizes and put them in gift bags. We played at my house on x-mas eve with my side of the family and then brought the game to my in-laws on Christmas day. I was fun for everyone; from the youngest to the oldest.
* S receiving a bag of snowman poops from my mother in-law inside one of her gifts. So cute!
*Having a really nice time at my in-laws. Wonderful roast, mashed potatoes, her famous string beans and carrots.
*Realizing that my 12 year old nephew is way taller than me. I noticed this when I need to look up to him when I was talking with him. He wears a size 12 men's shoe already. Can you imagine how tall he will be when he is 18? Scary!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Monday Movie

On Monday we got together with our really good friends for a movie (Bolt), Blizzards at Dairy Queen, and a little shopping. We have been friends since the boys were in first grade together. We get together every couple of months, but always do something around Christmas time. (We, the Moms, do things without the kids too like coffee and shopping). Unfortunately, our other friends were not able to make it this time as they were on their way down south to visit family. We had a really great time with lots of laughs. The movie was awesome; I loved the hamster and pigeons characters. They made the movie!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas Weekend Fun With Family & Friends!

We had a busy weekend with many fun family and friend activities:

*Finishing up our baking (Bakerella's cake pops, my homemade applie pie)
*Family party at M's cousin's house
*My sister and family arriving from Arizona
*Our annual Christmas Ornament Exchange at Pizza Plus in Ripon

See lots of pictures below:

Friday, December 19, 2008

Proud Mama of a poet!

At my kid's off-track assembly today, my son and a few other students were chosen by their teacher to read their Christmas poem. I'm very proud of my little poet. And so is my Mom since she is someone who has written many, many poems and has even had 3 published!

In case you can't read the poem, here is his poem:
Christmas Is Here
Winter is fun,
It's no time for sun
Christmas is near,
it's coal some fear.
Christmas is here,
it's time to cheer.
Hot cocoa galore!
Presents more and more and more!

S and I have been baking up a storm. Below is a new recipe for me but turned out great. They are my friend Jen's chocolate peanut butter balls recipe. We actually made 71 of these easy and YUMMY things!

Now I'm trying to finish another type of cookie and getting ready for my sister and family arrival tomorrow. YEAH!!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Wrapping & Crafts

I just finished wrapping last night!! YEAH!!

I also had some time to do some crafts. Hopefully, my sister, Mom, Mother In-Law, Sister In-Law, and 2 best friends don't see this before Christmas because it will spoil there little surprise.

Now on to making more cookies!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

A new invented category of music!

On our way to drop the kids off at my In Laws house on Saturday night (so we can go on a date with our good friends)we were listening to the radio. An oldie, The Tide is High by Blondie came on. My Darling 7 year old Daughter says, "This is Beach House Music". We have never heard of Beach House Music, but we happened to agree that if there was such a thing, this song would fit the Caribbean Beach House category!

Do you agree?

Saturday, December 13, 2008

All I Want For Christmas........

All I Want For Christmas Is SIMPLE PLEASURES.

I've always have been a very simple person with little wants. Somehow since I'm not working full-time now, my Christmas list is even more simple. I always love things that smell good or are soft to touch.
Here is my Christmas list. And Santa if you are reading this, I've been a really good girl this year!

Bath & Body Works Sleep Warm Milk & Honey Lotion

Bath & Body Works Perfect Cashmere Ballerina Slippers

Bath and Body Works Frosty Gumball Lotion (Have you smelled this?? It reminds me of my childhood. Love it!)

Mama Mia CD

A Pedicure

Vera Bradley Caffe Latte All in One Wristlet

And some of the yummy Lindt Truffles

What is on your Christmas list??