Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Thanksgiving Cruise Day 1 11/24/08

We started our day off by sleeping in a bit. We all headed to the parking lot to load our luggage into our cars and TC's SUV would not start. We determined it was from leaving the DVD player on all night (oops). M quickly got out our jumper cables and we were on our way in no time We stopped by IHOP for breakfast and then had a half hour drive to the Long Beach pier. We were on the ship in no time as this was the fastest embarkation process ever! (A little side note: I should let you know now that this was not our favorite cruise because of the the cruise line. We tried this cruise line in 1996 and decided to give them another try. We will never go on this cruise line again for their lack of service, un-organized ship layout, and uncleanliness! We we made the best of it and were so grateful that we were with family who happen to be really good friends.)
After on the ship we walked around a bit and then had lunch at the lido deck. Then we went to discover our cabins and unpack. Next was our favorite: the muster station drill ;))

Then we went to dinner. We were assigned a table for 12. We were wondering who would fill the extra 3 seats. After about 20 minutes, a family of 3 showed up. They were a husband, wife and their 12 year old daughter. Quickly T and their daughter, Celine, determined they had so much in common with Club Penguin, Pokemon, gaming, intelligence, joking styles, etc... T and Celine were across the table from each other and most of our dinner conversation centered around T and Celine talking back and forth so fast that we felt like we were at a tennis match. All the adults agreed that we would place them right next together the next night. This worked out so well the following nights that we didn't even hear them talking (it also helped that both kids brought their game boys and played while connected until dinner came to the table).

After dinner we headed to Rex's disco for the Kid's Club Welcoming Party. The kid's had a really good time dancing. Rex's disco was very interesting with animal print walls. I'm not sure I would have liked to be drinking in this disco/bar as you might be very dizzy.

Picture of the kid's busting a move with the cruise mascot!

Stay tuned for Day 2!

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Jen said...

Maybe T and Celine will continue on keeping in touch ♥♥♥♥