Thursday, December 4, 2008

Day 4 Thanksgiving 11-27-08

Happy Thanksgiving. Our last full day on the cruise was a relaxing one. Beside it being a rough day at sea in which S & D getting sick, we had a fun day. With lots of hot chocolate!
Above is a picture of 3 girls with the same name. Well sort of... S's middle name is Rylee. When D was pregnant she asked M & I if it would be okay to name her daughter Rylee but would spell it differently. We were honored and of course, said "yes!". The girl in red shirt is S's new friend who is also a Rylee (spelled differently, too). I thought it was cute, so I took a picture of the 3 of them.

Since we had rooms right next to each other, we would leave little notes for each other on our doors using post its. TC being the 50+ year old kid, left us cartoons captioned notes every day. We didn't take them down because it was fun and easy to spot our room.

We did a lot of this on Thanksgiving. (No cooking, cleaning;).

As you can see all the girls had matching turkey shirts! We were the only ones of the ship wearing these cute Old Navy shirts!

S went on a treasure hunt to find the ship mascot. (notice her new friend, Rilley, in the background!)
Our Thanksgiving turkey meal was not very good. I'm still craving real thick fluffy mashed potatoes, thick flavorful gravy, and my mother in-law's awesome carrots. I guess that what we get for escaping Thanksgiving. Since I didn't stuff myself on turkey dinner (I only ate about 1/4 of the meal; it was that bad), I saved room for the wonderful warm chocolate cake (see above)

Then they surprised me by singing Happy Birthday to me! (Having a candle in pumpkin pie brings back so many memories of my past birthdays with my extended family. My cousin and I are only 9 days apart and when we would get together for Thanksgiving someone would always put a candle on the pumpkin pie for us! To this day, I HATE it! It feels like it's just an after thought mixed into the holiday. Thankfully, my family knows how I feel about this and always make sure I don't have pumpkin pie for my birthday. (Don't worry I had the yummy, big, chocolate cake from Costco this year. Thanks M!)

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Jen said...

Oh! I am so sad I didn't know it was your birthday! Let me know the exact day so I can make it up to you!