Monday, September 22, 2008

Day 8 San Diego Vacation 9/13/08

Day 8 of our vacation 9/13/08
Legoland, Claim Jumpers & Outlet Shopping

Today was the last official day of our vacation. When I was planning out our days, I found out that this weekend was Star Wars weekend which both the kids & M love. We arrived to the park before it opened and it was pretty crowded but neat to see all the Star Wars characters. Lots of people even dressed up as their favorite characters. We participated in a Droid Capture Contest and a Stormtropper Letter Hunt. For the hunt, we had to go to the mini village area and there were mini stormtroppers action figures holding letters hidden within certain areas. For example, in the Las Vegas area we needed to find 4 stormtroppers holding 4 letters. Early on in our letter hunt, I figured out the puzzle. (May The Force Be With You). T and M were impressed that I figured it out before them since I'm not really a big Star Wars fan. Legoland was not my favorite park and I feel it's better suited for little kids who are 6 or younger. T did have lots of fun spending his $ on 2 Star Wars lego sets. He is now addicted to legos as has joined their lego magazine club, played with his legos a million times since we got back, on the lego website daily, and created a lego wish list for x-mas.

After Legoland, we headed to Claim Jumper (my Mom gave me a coupon right before we left and noticed that there was one near one of our vacation stops). After dinner, we headed to the outlet shops that were across the freeway. S got her first pair of Vans. They are totally her with flames and skulls.

This is the end of our vacation! The next day was just a long travel day home. I hope I did not bore everyone with our adventures. We really had a great time and are thinking about another San Diego vacation in the future!

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