Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Day 2- San Diego vacation

On day 2 of our vacation we headed over to Knott's Berry Farm. The kids had never been here and M & I have not been here since we were first dating (about 18 years ago). We had a good time. The kid's favorite ride was Montezooma's Revenge which is just like the Tidal Wave at Great America. This was S's first upside down roller coaster and she loved it. When T first came off the ride he said, "Yea, that was awesome!!". Within 5 mins both kids were asking to go again. We did go again, but later in the day. I think that I'm getting older because I used to be able to go on these type of rides over and over with my dad, but my stomach did not feel so great after going on this 2 times. We also enjoyed 2 water rides and the new pony express ride even though it smashed my chest area a bit;))

After a day at Knott's Berry Farm we headed to Baja Fresh for what we call "LaDinner" = lunch and dinner together; can either a late lunch or early dinner however you look at it. We have been doing this for many years on vacation to save money. We just have a decent size breakfast, snacks along the way and then LaDinner and then snacks/dessert later in the evening.

After LaDinner, we went to the Anaheim Disney Outlet.

Then we drove to San Diego. It was a nice drive and we saw 5 hot air balloons near the ocean along the way.

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Jen said...

YOu know, I have noticed the same thing about roller coasters. My equlibrium gets wayyyy off now, whereas I used to never feel sick. Getting old stinks!!!

Oh, we call is "linner" but I like Ladinner better.