Saturday, September 20, 2008

Day 6 San Diego Vacation

Day 6 San Diego Vacation 9/11/08
Belmont Park, Flowrider, Phil's BBQ, & Giants/Padres Game

Today we went to Belmont Park which is like Santa Cruz but smaller. We went on a few rides. One of them was the Giant Dipper which is the same roller coaster in Santa Cruz (which is one of my dad's favorite rides. He even drove to Santa Cruz on his 70th b-day just to ride the roller coaster;) We were the only ones on the coaster and they guys working the coaster let us go twice in a row without getting off. It was a lot of fun! We also went on the bumper cars and the crazy cars (see S's picture above). On the Belmont Park property is a Flowrider which is the same as some of the Royal Caribbean cruises. Once we watched a group of boys/young men doing it, T had to do it! (This was also included in our Go San Diego card~well, almost everything we did on this trip except for food was included!) T & I ran to our van to get his swim trunks and rash guard and off he went on the flowrider. T was the youngest on the flowrider and he had a ball. He wiped out a few times.

Next we headed to Phil's BBQ which I had read a few places was the best BBQ place in San Diego. Phil's did NOT disappoint. The BEST RIBS I've ever had! Everyone loved the food! I wish we had Phil's nearby because I'm craving the ribs and mac salad right now.

Next we headed back to our hotel to drop off the van and walked over to Petco Park. The Padres won 11 to 2. Since my dad is a die-hard Giants fan, I called him during the game. Since it was 9/11, they had a Navy unit bring out a huge American flag onto the field and their band played the national anthem. It was nice to see something in remembrance of 9/11! Every time the Padres had a home run they would shoot off fireworks in the Padres' colors of blue, white and beige. We actually ended up on TV believe it or not. We watched a delayed version of the game that we found on TV when we got back to our hotel. Because we were near 1st base, every time a left handed hitter was up at bat, you could see us. We were able to spot us out because we saw my red jean jacket & S's light pink sweatshirt.

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Jen said...

Wow! Unbelievable! I want to try a flowrider! I got chills when you should the game! Congrats on your 15 min of fame! Woohoo!