Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Day 3- San Diego Vacation

San Diego Vacation DAY 3- Sept 8

San Diego Zoo, Museum of Natural History & Corvette Diner

We started off all of our days at the top of our timeshare hotel, the Gaslamp Plaza Suites (more info on the old historic hotel later) for breakfast. The views were incredible!

Next we headed to the San Diego Zoo. The last time we went to the zoo as in 2001 (sept 12, 2001~ yes, the day after 9/11. We were on vacation in Anaheim and thought the zoo would be a very safe place to go.) S was only 3 months old. So this was all new to her. We loved seeing all the animals. My all-time favorite is still the giraffes.
A few more wild animals!

We took the double decker bus tour and the sky tram along the zoo. Other animals that we loved seeing where mericats, an eagle (eating a rabbit- YUK!), and a peacock that came right up to me and I did not have my camera on (darn). It was so beautiful and the bluest cobalt blue I've seen around it's neck.
After the zoo, we went next door to the Museum of Natural History. The new H2O Exhibit was the best. We learned/realized that there is not very much drinkable water in the world and I got grossed out by the unsafe drinking water organisms living in water and can kill someone within 3 days. Scary! We actually got in trouble at the museum because we were having a lot of fun in the H2O area and did not realize that the museum had actually closed and were told to leave.

Next, I surprised the kids by taking them to a really neat old 1950's type diner called Corvette Diner. I had read about it on-line and decided to not tell the kids anything about it. All the employees dress in 50's style type of clothes, they have an old corvette inside the diner and all the decor and music is in 50's style. Our waitress decided to wait until we were not looking and threw straws all over us and the table. The kid's and M laughed so hard! M and the kids had homemade ice cream milk shakes and they looked yummy. I decided to order a diet cherry coke. Well, it was more like a bowl or cherries with a little diet coke. (see picture below). We all got a laugh at this along with the waitress throwing Bazooka bubble gum all over us at the end of our meal.

After dinner, we headed back to our hotel and the roof hoping to see the sunset but some buildings got in the way. Instead, we had a bubble blowing contest with all of our bazooka gum from dinner.

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Jen said...

I love the bubble blowing pictures, so cute!!!! You guys are a lot of fun!