Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Day 4- San Diego 9/9/08

Day 4- Aquarium, Miramar Speed Circuit, Boomers, and Family Photos

Aquarium- the best parts of the aquarium were the tide pools (the sea cucumbers felt soft & slimy, the unemies (Nemo's home) felt like the kid's sticky hand toys that stick to walls and doors) and the feeding of the sharks off a pole with a clothes pin. They actually make sure each and every shark is feed and keep track of what they eat, including the vitamins that they stuff in the fish that they feed them;))

Miramar Speed Circuit~ next we headed to Miramar Speed Circuit. M and T had a blast. It was neat to see T driving a car!
Boomers~ since we had time to do something else today, we checked out Go San Diego Card booklet and saw that Boomers was close. We played a round of mini golf. T got 2 hole in ones & I had 1!. After Boomers, we headed to Red Robin for "LaDinner".
We had an appointment for family pictures at the Hotel Del Coronado at 5:50pm. We were a little early and so was our photographer so Michele started taking pictures of us early in the hotel garden area and then we were off to the beach for pictures. The sand on the beach was one of the softest, finest grain sand! I can't wait to see the pictures! I should have the CD in the mail any day now. (I will post some once they arrive). Michele was very nice and patient. We saw a seagull knock over a man's Corona beer and started drinking the beer from the sand. It was a funny sight. M informed the wife of man so that she knew what happened to his brand new beer. Michele recommended that we walk around the hotel and shops after our photo shoot. I loved the hotel and would love to stay here someday! It was so beautiful! We had ice cream at the hotel's own ice creamery (like Coldstone). T and S shared a choc/vanilla large ice cream cup and M & I shared a chocolate/peanut butter with Recees' pieces sundae. YUM!!

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Jen said...

I am so glad I am not the only one who blogs about food!

OMGosh, I am so exctied to see those gorgeous pics!!! I love Hotel Del, and I can imagine they will be breathtaking.