Monday, September 22, 2008

Day 7 San Diego Vacation 9/12/08

Day 7 of our vacation 9/12/08

Wild Animal Park, Fudruckers, Gaslamp walk down 5th Street, Ghirardelli

Today we went to the Wild Animal Park which was about 40 minutes from our hotel. I didn't like the Wild Animal Park as much as the zoo, but we still had fun and saw some animals that we would have never seen up close if we had not gone. The Journey to Africa Tram ride was cool (and similar to one at the Disney World's animal kingdom, but larger). I loved seeing the baby giraffes, cheetahs, mercats, and lions up close. We learned that cheetahs are very close to being extinct and the Wild Animal Park has a very successful breeding facility on site that might help with them not becoming extinct.
After the Wild Animal Park we headed back to our hotel. We were very hungry and decided to walk over to Fudruckers which was right behind our hotel. I have not been to a Fudruckers since Mitch and I were first dating (18+ years). I loved my hamburger. The kids ordered little cheeseburger sliders and had fun assembling their burgers.
Since we were so full, we decided to walk down 5th street for awhile and window shop. We walked down to the Petco Park area again. On our way back, we stopped to the Ghiraradelli Soda Fountain and Chocolate Shop. The 4 of us shared 2 sundaes: Hot Fudge and Mint Bliss. They were awesome and fixed my chocolate craving!!

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