Saturday, September 20, 2008

Day 5 San Diego Vacation

Day 5 San Diego Vacation 9/10/08
Padres Petco Park Tour, Harbor Tours, USS Midway, Double Decker Bus Tour & Old Town

Today was one of my favorite days of the vacation even though it was jam-packed with activities. We did not plan for it to be so jam-packed, but it just kind of happened because of location of the activities and our willingness to do more.

We started out by walking to Petco Park for our tour. The tour was awesome! Our tour guide, Don, was so informative about the park. We only had 6 on the tour; the 4 of us and a couple from New Jersey. Don showed us all around from the press box, a luxury box, the green room (where those who sing the national anthem wait), food delivery area, speciality restaurants, dug out, and walking on the field (not the grass). The picture above is us sitting in the Padres dugout. There is even air conditioning vents on the wood benches! Don even gave T & S padres tee-shirts which they both ended up wearing to the game the next night (see Day 6 entry coming soon).

Next we happened to meet a man (who we later found out was homeless) near the trolley station by Petco Park. He was so nice in showing us how to purchase tickets and how to ride the trolley. He actually rode the trolley with us to Harbor tour section. Mitch ended up giving him some $ and we offered to give him some food, but he refused. He made sure we were headed in the right direction and then said goodbye. We went on a 2 hour harbor tour which was 2-1 hour opposite direction tours. I love being on the water! It really relaxes me. We saw lots of seals, boats, helicopters, navy ships, coronado bridge, airplanes, etc... on the tour.

Since the USS Midway was right next door to the harbor tour we decided to take a quick tour. I wanted to see their sleeping quarters and M and the kids wanted to see the planes. It's amazing how much they can fit on the midway in way of people and aircraft.

We decided we wanted to go to Old Town for Mexican food for our "LaDinner". We saw that the double decker bus was stopped near us and knew that we could use our Go San Diego cards for the bus. So we hopped on and went to the open top of the bus and headed over to Old Town. I had read that there was 2 places that were comparable in way of Mexican food, so we tried the Cafe Coyote. The food was great! M ordered carne asada tacos, S had taquitos, T had a huge adult sized carne asada burrito, and I ordered a combo plate of a beef taco & cheese enchilada (not as good as our favorite Tracy Mexican resturant, La Villa). We walked around Old Town and then took the trolley back to the Petco Park station and walked back to our hotel. This was a long, but fun day:))

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Jen said...

Oh man, D would love looking at those planes. With all your posts, this may be a vacation we NEED to take too!