Monday, February 2, 2009

Birthday and a bit of science!

Last Thursday was M&M Dude's 42nd Birthday! Since we had gone out to dinner to his favorite pizza place in Ripon last Saturday and his birthday was the kids 1st day back to school after 6 weeks, we decided to do something very low key on M&M Dude's actual birthday. M&M Dude requested burritos and cold stone ice cream. Worked for me!
Originally, my in-laws were just taking us to dinner (M&M Dude's choice; a tradition), but a few days before asked if we wanted to go to the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco too. Well, you probably knew our answer. We had a blast! I had not been there since I was a kid (and it was called the Exploritorium then). Since we knew it was going to be very busy; being a weekend and all, we got up at the crack of dawn and headed over to pick up my in-laws.
Here are a few of my favorite exhibits/shows:
The Rainforest (loved the butterflies)
The Living Roof
Fragile Planet movie
Bugs 3-D movie
If you have a chance to go to the California Academy of Science it will not disappoint! Just get there early as it gets very busy in the afternoon!

Had to post a picture of my guys watching halftime yesterday with their 3-D glasses! LOL.

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