Monday, February 23, 2009

Awards in the house!

I'm not talking the Academy Awards. These are awards that are closer to my heart! Both of my kids received awards last week at their end of trimester assembly. This assembly was even more special in that Firecracker received her VERY FIRST SCHOOL AWARD! Firecracker has always struggled in school and the fact that she received an award was HUGE!! Her teacher emailed us a few weeks in advance and we decided to keep it a secret so that it would be a surprise. Even my in-laws came to cheer her on! You should have seen her face when she saw M & M Dude (he rarely comes to the assemblies), her Vovo & Papa (my in-laws) and me there, yet she was unaware she was getting the EFFORT Award. I'm very proud of Firecracker as she has worked so hard this year!
And to our surprise, (well, kind of; as Mr. President's teacher is not very good at communication), Mr. President received the Principal's Honor Roll Award for having straight A's!!
As you can tell, I'm beaming with pride! I'm just so proud of both of them. To celebrate, we took them out to dinner on Saturday night! Their choice!

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