Sunday, February 15, 2009

Mardi Gras!

Mr President went to his school's Mardi Gras dance last week. Two of his really good friends were crowned the 5th Grade KING & QUEEN of Mardi Gras! They seemed to have a good time. Firecracker did not want to be left out so she had me get her a mask and beads too and she wore them when we picked up Mr. President and his friend (who happens to be a girl;).

Here is Mr. President in between the Queen and King!


News :: GoogleSiam said...

Madi Gras this year will be great :)
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Ruby Red Slippers said...

Love the Mardi Gras stuff! I noticed you are a follower of my blog-I just wanted to stop by and say hi as I am watching the Oscars!
Blessings to you!