Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Feeling like a teenager again!

I broke down and joined Facebook last month. Many of my friends including my sister had already joined and thought "what the heck!". M&M Dude actually calls it "Crackbook" since I've become very addicted. I have found many, many long lost friends from my teenage years. I'm really not sure why I lost contact with many of them, but on Facebook (or should I call it Crackbook), I'm reconnecting with everyone and kind of feel like a teenager again. All those teenage feelings came back for a bit. But, one good thing out of all of this is that reconnecting with some really good friends and realized that being the 41 year old that I am, I feel very comfortable and confident in my skin which I didn't feel when I was a teenager. Have you joined Facebook yet?

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Jen said...

Yep, it is very fun. Another addicting site is that one that I posted about (goodreads). It is kinda like facebook but all about rating books. It is fun!

I like your new background!