Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Those kids are going to Fiji!

On our way to Costco this weekend, we spotted 2 police cars and 4 teenage boys sitting in a row on a curb with their hands behind their backs at a nearby sports park. 7 year old Firecracker says to us, "They are busted; they are going to Fiji!". M&M Dude and I looked at each other, trying to understand what she just said. Mr. President figured it out right away and said to his sister, "When kids get in trouble, they go to Juvi (Juvenile Hall) not FIJI!" We all had a good laugh!
I would love to be in Fiji right now, wouldn't you. (Not Juvi!))

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Jen said...

That is hilarious! Hey, maybe it was the kids who smashed our front window!