Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween Week of Fun!!

Wow! What a great, jam-packed, fun week!
It started with 5th Grade DARE Graduation for T.

Then a school Halloween Dance!

Then pumpkin carving! S actually did most of the carving all by herself this year! T's was his own design; a Star War's storm trooper. (see pics toward end of the post)

Then creating curls for S's Elizabeth Swan (pirates of the Caribbean) costume! (first time for me! not very good with hair)

Then the Halloween parade at school.

T and Alice from Twilight!
With a little time in between the parade and volunteering in class, I headed over here for my much awaited pumpkin muffin and a cup of coffee (I look forward to these muffins every year; they are my favorite! cream cheese, pumpkin and pumpkin seeds, oh my!!)

After school, we made some awesome, easy Carmel apples (inspired from Our Best Bites)! Rolled in chopped up Peanut M & M's (m's favorite!), snickers and Reese's peanut butter cups! So, so yummy!! Then we headed to T's best friend's birthday party. Yes, his birthday is on Halloween! He's the Freddie below. We had lots of pizza and treats and then the birthday party headed to the Red Bridge Community for Trick or Treating. (loved trick or treating in Red Bridge; this was our first time going here. Loved the small hometown feel of the streets, great decorations, and felt very safe. M made it home in time to go with us. We had so much fun!

T was a Domino's pizza delivery man! M used to work for Domino's when he was in high school back in the 80's. M kept his pizza warming container, his hat and shirt, but we could only find the warming container. So, I went over to our local Domino's and asked if I could borrow a hat and shirt for T's costume. His costume was such a hit! He used the warming box for his candy while trick or treating. When people opened their doors, they would say either, "I would like a pizza with cheese, sausage, etc.. or "How did you know I was just about to order a pizza!". It was too funny! A couple of his friends said they are going to be this next year.

Then we headed home (8:30pm) to quickly put out our pumpkins and hope for a few trick or treaters to show up. We only had 2 sets come to the door, but the last set was our old day care provider's daughter and we were all excited to see her!
After yesterday's 2 soccer games in the rain, lunch with my parents, and a end of season soccer party, I'm enjoying a relaxing day with just S. Since M & T are on their way to a Raider Game with my father in-law and one of our good friends. (M's old boss hooked them up with club level seats).

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