Saturday, November 22, 2008

5th Annual Teddybear Tea Party

Today S & I attended our 5th annual Teddy Bear Tea Party in our town. This is something that we really enjoy doing. For the past 3 years we have been attending the tea with our friends from Discovery Bay. I really enjoy going to the tea with either my mom or mother in-law. This year, my mom came. She loved it! The tea consists of a sit down tea with a server. Our server was a high school senior who will be attending San Jose State next year. He was very nice! We had good food that consisted of muffins, these awesome chocolate filled croissants, cute egg salad, bacon & corn, and cucumber finger sandwiches, and mini cheesecakes, brownies and S's favorite, cream puffs! This year we even got to keep our Christmas china tea cup and saucer. We will get much use out of these during the Holidays! After our tea, we headed over to do crafts. And then S and her friend E went into the kids only shopping area. This is where they can shop for family/friends and they even wrap the presents too. S shopped for 6 people for only $8. What a bargain! (A few years back S decided she needed to buy herself a gift. She came out with a gift tag saying to S from S. We all got a big laugh about that, but she now knows better.)
My Mom, S & I

S & her friend E. (They have been friends since Day Care when they were babies and are only a few weeks apart.)

S's favorite decorated tree for the year because it's her favorite color.

Well, this will be my last time to say Happy Thanksgiving for a bit! Hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Look for some long posts when I return with pictures of our mini- Thanksgiving cruise.

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Jen said...

Sooo cute! Missing you while you are away. Have a blast!