Friday, June 26, 2009

Maui Week 2

Here were the highlights of our 2nd week in Maui:
*Upgraded to Ocean Front 2 Bedroom
*Lei Making
*M & M Dude & Mr. President seeing an 80 year old turtle up close while snorkeling; he even looked them right in the eye and then swam back down to the bottom of the ocean! And they even saw a huge puffer fish and some type of fish with vampire teeth that we cannot find a picture in any ocean books (maybe it's a new species?).
*Maui Ocean Center- loved the turtles. Some interesting facts about turtles:
1. Wait until they are 25 to have babies
2. Their shells actually tan. If they don't have any exposure to sun, their shells turn white.
3. They are carnivores at first and then become vegetarians
*Dinner at sunset at Kimos (best ono ever with coconut panko crust and spicy peanut Thai sauce and pineapple salsa & can't leave without sharing Hula Pie)
*Searching for sea glass

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Jen said...

I love how your journaled this. How do you get your kids to love eachother like that?
♥ Jen