Monday, June 8, 2009

Concannon Winery Tour

Towards the end of April, M&M Dude and I went on a personal winery tour with M & M Dude's cousin and husband. I've written about Debbie and TC before as we spend a lot of time with them and even though we are relatives, they are more like friends to us! They had won a special tour of the winery for 4 and we were honored that they invited us to spend the day with them. The tour was on the historic Concannon Winery in the Livermore valley. Our tour guide was very informative. Besides tasting wine, my favorite part of the tour was learning about the wine barrels specific tree types used and why many wine growers used to use rose bushes at the end of each of grape vine row (because the rose bushes would tell the wine growers that there might be disease in the particular row and they now just plant the rose bushes as a tradition because there are other ways to determine how the grade vines are doing.) We had a great time without the kids to just relax and chat and have some wine and had an early Mexican dinner. A wonderful day!

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