Sunday, March 29, 2009


Remember this and this? Well, this past weekend, I got a new car! Since I'm going to need another car soon, we thought we would take advantage of the great deals and save on the upcoming 1% sale tax hike and DMV fee increases starting next month. I totally love my new van! I know there is many people who will ask why I got another van. Well, I love having a van. I'm a soccer (& softball) Mom and proud of it! My kids love to spread out and not be next to each other.Typical kids! Remember when you were a kid and did not like having your sibling touching you in the car? My Mom actually put a masking tape line on the backseat and told my sister and I not to cross the line since we were fighting/touching each other:)) I feel very spoiled with the leather seats, automatic doors, seat warmers, dvd player, etc... We still have my old van which M & M Dude is now driving to work; that is until it dies. (I predict that it will last about 8 more months:))

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Jen said...

Does it still have the new car smell? Ahhhh!