Thursday, July 31, 2008

Maybe I should explain

Some of you might be wondering about the blue ladybug thing? Well, I've always have loved ladybugs since I was young. It might have been from the year that we had tons and tons of them in our backyard and my sister and I collected some many in our bug catchers that Summer. When I was about 10 years old, I even wrote a book about a ladybug who changed colors (maybe someday I'll publish it:). Well, here is how the blue part of the lady bug happened. At S's 3rd Birthday, we had a lady come to our house who did face painting and balloons. S has always loved the color blue. She was very adamant about having the lady make her a blue ladybug balloon for her to wear on her wrist. Since it was her B-day, the lady was very happy to make whatever the birthday girl wanted. So this is how the blue ladybug thing happened. Ever since then, I started using the name blue ladybug. I even have a cute little wooden bug ladybug with a bobbling head from a lady I met on one of our cruises through cruise critic. Thanks to my daughter,S!

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Lizzie said...

where did you get that picture?? it is so cool!!