Friday, July 25, 2008

All Grown Up

T went to his first dance last night. It's hard to believe he is growing up so very fast. He was so excited about the dance and it was nice to see him being so excited about something as the transition into 5th grade (middle school) has been hard for him the last couple of weeks. T actually asked one of his (girl) friends to go to the dance with him. I dropped him off a little before 4pm and he quickly went to stand in line with all of his friends. When I picked T up along with his friend, T's hair was all wet (sweaty) from dancing. For the next couple of hours, T talked and talked about the dance. They even did the Chicken Dance! T slow danced with a girl (not the friend) and I think he was the only 5th grader who slow danced. Oh my, my son is growing up!! The picture above was taken after the dance. All of the kids have been in class together since 2nd grade. (hopefully their parents don't mind me posting this picure; it was just a milestone day for them;))


Lizzie said...

we had a great time! i LOVe your blog! it is so cool!!!!

Jen said...

I really like your new background! So cute ! And the picture is adorable! They are not babies anymore! :(