Sunday, August 2, 2009

M & M Dude's Best Father's Day

On Father's Day, M & M Dude and Mr. President went to Infineon Raceway in style! M & M Dude won tickets to the Nascar Race which included hospitality tent seats and driving a Toyota Tundra around the track with a couple of the Nascar drivers in the back of the bed of the truck. M & M Dude ended up not driving the truck because there was not enough trucks for the number of winners, so he ended up being a passenger (with Mr. President in the truck too). This worked out to their benefit! While driving around the track, M & M Dude saw Tom Cruise about 4 feet away and said, "Hey Tom Cruise", and pointed to him. Tom Cruise saw Mr. President in the back and said, "Happy Father's Day" to my husband and waved to my son! This was one of the highlights of M & M Dude's life. When he called me right after, he was so excited! It took a couple of days for him to come down from the clouds! And it did not help that his Nascar Driver, Kasey Kahne, won the race also!

This picture with M & M Dude's arm sticking out of the truck was taken by one of the kid's former teacher's husband, who happened to be at the race and did not know M & M Dude was at the race.

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Jen said...

That is AWESOME!
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