Monday, August 11, 2008

Great Weekend!

We had a great weekend! Hubby decided that he needed a weekend break from working lots of overtime over the last couple of months! On Saturday we went and saw Disney's Wall.E. Is was just okay for me. I prefer the very colorful Disney animation films, but there was 2 messages in this film that were tastefully done. The love story between Wall.E. and Eve was cute! After the movie we did some shopping in the Dublin/P-Town area and then headed over to hubby's cousin's house to bring over the new incredible "Oasis of the Seas" brochure that I got in the mail from our travel agent. We can't wait for our 2010 Royal Pirates Group Cruise!! We love spending time with D, TC, R, & S!! It's funny how D. is family, but I would have picked her as a friend; we have a lot of fun together and get along well!
On Sunday, hubby got 4 tickets from his old boss to the Raider Nation Fan Celebration at the Oakland Coliseum! We were able to go into the coliseum an hour before the general public. We went all decked out in our Raider's gear and had a blast! The kids got lots of freebies. In the evening, celebrated my inlaw's birthdays. I can't believe that my oldest nephew (age 12) is now 5 inches taller than me and wears size 11.5 shoes!!! He is playing tackle football and looks like an adult!! Scary to think that my own kids will very soon be taller than me too!
Picture of Silly S. on Friday night before we starting watching the Olympic Opening Ceremonies!